Friday, May 17, 2013

18 Month Check-in

I'm not super organized and even though I thought I kept all of the kids stat printouts from their check-ups, I didn't. However, I happen to have all of the 18month stats...and they crack me up!

Emma: 21lb 6oz (11 percentile)
32" (62 percentile)

Grady: 25lb 8oz (45 percentile)
34" (93 percentile)

Landon: 23lb 11oz (21 percentile)
33" (82 percentile)

Stella: 29lb 6oz (99 percentile)
35" (100 percentile) 

The moral of the story is that Stella is HUGE. She measures on par with a 2.5 year old. No wonder my back hurts!!!

And this picture pretty much sums her up: messy hair, pajamas, a blanket, and a tap shoe

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