Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No Man's Land

The back corner of our property converges with the back corners of three other properties, each with some sort of fort/tree house in various states of disrepair. None of the property boundaries are clearly marked- much to my land surveying husband's dismay- and three of the four properties front different streets, meaning 3 different neighborhoods are represented. 
Two of the four houses no longer have kids living at them, so my kids and our back neighbors have taken over this no man's land and comandeered the remaining forts as their own. They sit up there for hours and hours cutting up leaves and berries to feed the other neighbor's chickens through the fence. And even though it's quite run-down back there, and not a little bit unsafe, and I may have seen Landon wielding a large kitchen knife out there today (from the other neighbors. don't worry, i replaced it with plastic picnic cutlery which is much safer, right?), this warmer weather that we've been having this week is the beginning of summer freedom. I get hours a day where they are playing with their friends outside in this unaccounted for land (which is what childhood memories are made up of) and they aren't cooped up inside being bored. It's a win-win....until we have to go to the emergency room because someone's finger gets chopped off with a knife, or someone's eye gets poked on a rusty piece of fence wire, or.... Well, anyway, TODAY I'm gonna enjoy the peace :)

Lest you think I've been swallowed whole....

Here are three articles/blog posts that I've read of late that pretty much sum up my life:

Read 'em and weep along with me ;)

In other news, my kids are still super cute.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flies on the wall

If you were the cable guy, a client of dylan's, or a door-to-door salesman stopping by, you might overhear conversations like this:

Me: Landon why are your pants wet?
Landon: I got them out of the laundry.
Me: You mean you pulled the pants that you pooped in earlier out of the hamper and put them back on?!
Landon: I want to wear these jeans. I'll wipe them off with a towel.
Landon: crying and screaming as I take them off him and put them back into the laundry.