Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pleasant Hill's Finest at Work

Wait. What's this picture about? Is that a police officer holding a gun pointed at your neighbor's house?

Why, yes. Yes it is.

And what's the deal with the 4 other officers holding guns looking like they're going to be bursting into your neighbor's front door?

Oh, just another day on Oakvue Court!

Just kidding. This stuff doesn't normally happen around here. Well, the police come but never with their guns and k-9 unit and 4 other cars backing them up.

Needless to say, my kids were enthralled watching the action unfold from the front window. We made them stop yelling at the officers from the front door once the guns were pulled. Just in case the bad guys came to our house, Grady had his dollar store dart gun ready to go!

It turns out that our neighbor's alarm was going off and another neighbor noticed the front door open so he called the police. I guess they take these kind of calls seriously. Because the police were staking out the house and neighborhood for almost an hour before they went it. From our vantage point, we didn't see any bad guys apprehended. And since our neighbor whose house it was is out of town, we can't ask him if anything was taken or if the door was just kicked in.

That kind of answer isn't good enough for Emma and she kept asking where the bad guys were and how did they get into Bob's house and since they weren't caught maybe they're still in his house.

A little while later, after the police had left our court in peace, Emma came running down the hall screaming that "Someone's outside and the fence is shaking and Landon's going to die!"

Well, really Dylan was on the roof by Landon's room clearing out one of our gutters that was overflowing. All they could see out the window was someone standing on the fence wearing black boots and she were certain that the bad guys were back and they were coming for Landon!

It may be awhile before my kids will be able to sleep peacefully again!