Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My name is Julie. I'm 28 years old, a native English speaker, used to work for and create forms for the SLO school district, hold a bachelor's degree in English, am certified to teach both English and English as a Second Language, made the skill of filling out applications part of the curriculum when I taught.... and I found it difficult to fill out Emma's Kindergarten registration packet.

With a neatly presented packet with instructions like please fill out ALL forms and sign the bottom of ALL forms, one would think that filling it out would be a no brainer. Not so.

First there is blue immunization form that MUST BE FILLED OUT COMPLETELY. No problem right? Well, there are sections on the form that ask for the date of immunizations that I'm pretty certain aren't required. And there is another section that has a dark black line around it that I'm pretty sure is meant for office personnel to complete. But, no, there are no additional instructions that inform the applicant that he/she is supposed to or allowed to leave these sections blank.

Then there were the forms for a signed physical assessment and signed dental assessment that were included in the packet of forms that MUST BE FILLED OUT COMPLETELY. However, upon closer look, these forms are not considered valid if they are completed before March 31st, and are not required until the student is in first grade.

And there were two forms that received the special instruction to SIGN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. However, only one of these forms had a line designated for a signature. Am I supposed to just find some blank space at the bottom of the page and sign it anyway?

After I spent WAY too much time filling out these forms, I'm still convinced that I did it wrong. I'm certain that when I go to turn them in today that the school personnel will scorn me and inform me that I'm incompetent. Nothing like bolstering the parent's confidence as they're signing their children over to the unknown and very frightening world of Kindergarten!

Monday, January 18, 2010

January Faces

I'm not an emotional person.

At all.

But when Landon started smiling at me last week, my eyes teared up. My heart melted.
These other kids are pretty great too!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Boys

We've been adding to the dress-up wardrobe, hoping that Grady will gravitate to the more manly costumes. I'd say we're about half way there....

(cowboy vest, gold sequin skirt, pink and silver high heels)

Emma (aka high fashion guru) has made it her job to pick out Landon's clothes. Oh boy.(orange brown striped shirt, dog sweatshirt, pale green pants with owls and forest creatures, and blue striped socks)

Reflections and Hope

Have you ever felt like you were running around like a chicken with it's head cut off?

That's how I felt in 2009.
(unorganized, disheveled, frustrated, tired, uninspired, discouraged, unfocused, chaotic, uncreative)

In spite of all of my shortcomings, the Lord blessed us greatly. He provided continued work for Dylan. We were able to stay in our house for another year. Our children are continually growing and thriving. Our new baby is healthy and wonderful. We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.

When I opened up my new devotional on New Year's Day, I read the scripture: "I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day. 2Timothy 1:12)"

So, even if 2010 proves to be as challenging as 2009 (which it very well may), we are going to hold fast to the promise that He, the God of the universe, our Creator, will keep us and sustain us.

And with that, here are some pictures of a New Year's Day stroll along the bay:

Iron Chef and some other fun

How did you spend your Christmas Eve?

Did you go swimming in 50 degree weather?

Did you win a poetry competition?

Did you frost and decorate sugar cone Christmas trees?

Did you have a cooking competition (secret ingredient: alcohol)?

How about a baking competition (secret ingredient: hot peppers)?
Did you lose both a cooking AND a baking competition to your older brother?
(southwestern pot roast)

(ancho chile flan)


I didn't think so...