Friday, February 26, 2010

This one time in Tahoe....

two of our kids got matching raspberries on their foreheads
from two different sledding crashes
into two different trees.

(guess which parent was in charge?)

emma used her hands to block the branches and, thankfully, has bangs to cover up the fat goose egg.

grady wasn't so quick with his hands and, well.... a picture's worth a thousand words, right?
thankfully, kids are resilient and other than grady's repeated comments about getting an owie from a christmas tree, the rest of our weekend in the snow was great!
(helping shovel out our luge track)

(emma missing a run-in with the tree that got grady)

(thanks for the outfit grandma charlene!)

(purple lips from eating snow)

(landon laughing at his brother)

Thank you to the Dowds for hosting us!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Can you say MELLOW!!!!

He didn't cry at all when the doctor scraped a bunch of gunk out of his ear and declared that he has an ear infection.

He didn't even flinch when she stuck a big ol' swab up his nose to test for RSV.

When the doctor made him turn his neck the direction that he doesn't like to, and then told him he needs physical therapy to unflatten his head, he didn't even squawk.

And as soon as he was done with a bout of smoker's cough and was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, he was all smiles and coos.

Only the shots, the 3 miserable pokes into his fat little thighs, made him upset. He cried at the nurse like she had personally offended him. And then he obediently ate his little vial of rotovirus vaccine.

What a champ!

It's hard to believe that it's been 4 months since we've welcomed this little [fat] guy into our family!

So, what's Landon like? I'm glad you asked....

He's mellow. Chill. Good natured. All around wonderful.
He's been sleeping through the night for about a month now.
He laughs really hard at his older brother's antics.
He spits up ALL THE TIME.
He likes to 'talk.' A lot. (Remember Emma's "waaataaah" phase? I'm pretty sure he's gonna be like that!)
He's a thumb sucker. Yuck.
He LOVES being sung to. And tries to sing back.

How about his stats?

I can't find Emma's 4 month stats, but at six months she was 14lbs 12 ozs.

At 4 months Grady was 14lbs 8ozs

At 4 months Landon is...... 15lbs!!! And that is why I call him the fat kid.

That and because of the comments that every stranger on the streets make: "WOW! He's ONLY 4 months!! He sure is a big boy."

Yes he is. And good for him. If he were a frail little thing, he wouldn't have a chance of survival around his brother who loves him oh so much!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Just another day in paradise...

This morning, as we were going about our business as usual, our dog started barking at the front door. So I looked out to see what she was so upset about and this is what I saw:A school bus, a fire truck, a police car and an ambulance. All RIGHT in front of our house.

Now, except for the school bus, this is not an unusual occurance on our little 10 house cul-de-sac. Since we've lived her for three years, we've seen this sight six times. Twice for grandma, twice for some other elderly neighbors, and once because our next-door neighbors thought their house was on fire even though there was just a potato burning in their microwave (?).

Anyway, after assessing the situation and making sure that nothing traumatic was happening and double checking that they weren't here for grandma, the kids came outside to watch the action. Apparently, the school bus driver wasn't feeling well so away she went in an ambulance while the fire fighters and police officers were left to entertain the three little boys on the bus waiting for a new driver to come take them to their preschool.

While waiting for the new school bus driver, our friendly neighborhood firefighters offered to take pictures with us:
(Sensing that she was about to be left out of the family photo op, our dog somehow opened the sliding door and ran out to join us)