Monday, November 24, 2008

Henry got a wife!

Well, I thought I should let you all know that Emma got a new fish today. Her name is 2HenryPink and she is married to Henry.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daddy's Girl

What Emma told Dylan when he got home tonight: "I love you my daddy Dyl. You're my favorite boy and I love being married with you."

Start 'em young!

A friend of ours is a children's librarian and she recommended that we read Mother Goose nursery rhymes to Emma. We didn't have any so I promptly went down to Half Price Books and bought two volumes of classic nursery rhymes. Emma LOVES hearing them and singing them and it is fun for us to remember some of the rhymes from our childhood: Humpty Dumpty, Little Boy Blue, Jack Be Nimble and Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater to name a few.

Well, of course none of the classic ones have stuck in her head. For the past few days she has been walking around the house singing:

"I am a Girl Guide dressed in blue
These are the actions I must do
Salute to the King
Curtsey to the Queen
And turn my back to the washing machine!"

So much for teaching her to do chores around the house!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A sad, sad day.....

2Henrys died. I know, your hearts are probably broken with the sadness of this news. You're probably devastated. You're wondering how your life will go on. Or maybe you're asking yourself, "Who the heck is 2Henrys, and what kind of name is that anyway?"

2Henrys was Emmas goldfish- well actually he was reddish. On her 3rd birthday she was given 2 fish. One of them died before we had a chance to name it and we replaced it with the fish who was to become 2Henrys. 1Henry is the name of the other one that is still swimming happily around in it's tank. We don't know why Emma chose those names for her fish. We can't come up with anything or anyone that we know with the name Henry- which is probably a good thing since the name is quickly becoming overused.

Tonight as I was putting her down for bed and singing the song that names everyone who lives in this house, I tried to leave out the name 2Henrys because I didn't want to upset her. But she caught on and insisted that I include 2Henrys anyway. And then proceeded to ask the question,

"Mommy, do fish go to Heaven when they die, or do they go down the toilet and into the river and into the ocean to Nicaragua where Aunt Joy is?"

I dunno Emma, I've never been to Heaven so I'm not sure if fishies go there when they die.....

Well, that appeased her for the time being. And yes, she is planning on getting a new fish. Guess what it's name will be...... 3Henrys!

Hey, where's Grady?

Grady and Emma are polar opposites. Emma is ALWAYS talking and very concerned about what is going on. Grady on the other hand is very quiet and into exploring everything. He doesn't care if we're around or not- he just wants to do his own thing. I hear that his father was a lot like that as a child :)

Because he's so quiet, we often lose track of him. Here are some recent pictures of places we have found Grady:

In the hall closet behind the vaccuum cleaner

Taking out Emma's clothes and trying them on

In the towel drawer in the kithchen

In the costume box

In the paper shredder box

Monday, November 10, 2008

$80 Mashed Potatoes

This past weekend was Dylan's 10 year high school reunion. Since a 5 hour party with his classmates wasn't enough for Dylan and his friends, they turned it into a whole weekend extravaganza. There was the pre-party the night before, the pre-party the night of, the official reunion, the post-reunion sleepover (yes, sleepover), and the minigolf tournament.

Here are some of my impressions:
Emma playing with her friend Macy at the pre-pre-party
Meeting Jeff's girlfriend
Matt Warner putting product in Dylan's hair
Reading the comments in Dylan's old yearbooks- "I will never, never forget you," "you have been my crying shoulder," etc.
The really comfy couch at the Stordahl's house- a perfect bed at 3:30 am

$80 for a mashed potato bar and flatbread sandwich
6 hours of sleep Friday night
Dylan losing the mingolf tournament
4 hours of sleep Saturday night

Had I actually been a member of the SRVHS class of 1998, the weekend would have been perfectly nostalgic. Dylan and his friends had a great time reuniting and catching up. We are so blessed by the friendships that were started in adolescence and have continued to grow over the years.

The weekend has given me hope that perhaps my 10 year reunion will be bearable..... probably not though!

Long lost friend Matt Warner and Dylan (see styled hair!)

The mini golf crew: Angelina and Jeff, Dan, Jackie and Beka, Tyler, Shannon and Lacey, Us

Friday, November 7, 2008

"Welcome to the 90's Gonsalves Fam!"

After many years of being told how uncool I was for not having a facebook page, I took the plunge and joined in. Here are some of my first impressions:

1. it's pretty creepy how fast people track you down
2. it's pretty creepy how you can see what everyone is saying to everyone.
3. it's pretty creepy how they update your page every time anyone that you know does anything.

Maybe it will be come less creepy over time, but I'm not convinced....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy last day of October when kids dress up

Here are some pictures from our trick-or-treating endeavors. I'd say that we did pretty well. Emma's candy basket was more that full both times out, so Dylan should be pretty well taken care of for a while now!

First we went to downtown PHill to trick-or-treat at the shops with some of our cousins. Emma was a homeless looking princess. Grady was his dad- er.... a skeleton. Then we came back home and went out again in our 'hood with our cousins and the Dowds. Emma was a cowgirl riding a horse this time around.