Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remember Me?

Remember when I used to write lots of funny things and include lots of great pictures. Well, I have camera issues and computer issues and not much free time so, well, there you go. The other night my husband said, "You haven't blogged lately. I've been checking just to see if anything is going on with my family that I should know about." Well, Mr. Overworked Underpaid Husband, this one's for you:

Conversation with Emma as we were driving past a bridal store:

E: Mom, when I get married, can I wear one of those dresses?

Me: Yes you can!

E: Well, actually, can I just wear your dress from your wedding so that you don't have to spend any money on me because you never like to spend money on me?

Me: Well, your wedding is the most special day in your life and I will definitely buy you a new dress if you want one.

E: Nooooooo Mom, I won't make you do that. That is too much money. I never want you to spend too much money.

This conversation is just weeks after she informed everyone at camp that her mom makes her wear ugly boy rainboots and won't EVER buy her girl ones because she NEVER wants to spend money on buying girl things.

Oh my dear almost 6-year-old going on 45-year-old, don't be so practical and worried about everything. Just try to enjoy your childhood a little longer, okay?