Friday, July 15, 2011

How to make a pregnant lady really cry

2 words:

Jury Duty

more commentary to follow once I dry my eyes and stop feeling sorry for myself, and once i go back AGAIN in august for another waste of my time because apparently the judge doesn't care that i am a stay at home mom who doesn't have days on end to waste sitting around at the court house and would only give me a deferment instead of an excuse after i spent a day and a half serving my duty.

and please, if you are ever planning on getting a DUI, please don't because i (and lots of other people) don't want to be summoned for your trial.

thank you.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to make a pregnant lady almost cry

Take her order at Starbucks and then start to make it and then forget all about it when a skinny, non-pregnant, non-bloated, non-almost-30-year-old who actually did her hair and makeup today walks in to order a cup of ice for her bottled water.

And then when the pregnant lady finally asks if you've made her drink yet, find it on your counter and add extra ice because the ice in her drink had already started to melt because you took so long to get it to her. Because watered down coffee drinks are oh so satisfying and just what she wanted. Not!

One reason why I love America.....

Because we take such good care of our people: